Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to make a windows 8 bootable ISO file.

Computer Tips give you a tutorial which will learn how to make a bootable ISO file for windows 8. After burning ISO file on DVD it will be bootable and you can use this DVD for setup windows 8 easily.

1. First you need to download a small software named ESD-TO-ISO.zip from the bellow
2. After finising the download extract the zip file.

3. Unblock the ESD-TO-ISO.EXE file and open the file right click on it and click run as administrator.

4. Now click yes(Windows 7 or 8) / continue (Vista)

5. Go
6. Click yes
7. It will make a ISO file
8. If you give "create (burn) a bootable DVD" then will make bootable otherwise give cancle.
9. Find the Upgrate ISO file from C: drive - C:\WIN8x64.iso
10. Finished

Now you can write this ISO file on DVD.


Dear Sir,

I try to use ESD-TO-ISO to create iso file for the following esd file:


However, after step 6 the screen displays: c:\Win8x64.iso not found existing

Would you please to help me how to solve the problem.
Thanks a lot


Try to use ISO file not esd file

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