Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Work on Remote PC Using TeamViewer7.1 Software

TeamViewer is the most powerful software. It is used for working on remote computer using personal computer of your own. This remote place could be the end of the world. Using internet and TeamViewer software you can operate any computer and can share your desktop, files, pictures, software, audios, videos and so on.
You can download full version of TeamViewer7.1 software from here. The total size is 4.51MB. I will give you a small computer tips how to use TeamViewer7.1 software. Just follow the bellow instruction very carefully.

This software is to be installed both computers. That means you and your partners who are staying remote areas in the world.

1. At first download the latest version of the software and install it.
2. Now open it both of yours computers.
 3. Sign up to click on “Computers & Contacts>>” button.

 Log in using User Name and Password-

4. Collect the ID and Password from your Partner. 
5. Go to the Remote Control tab and type your Partner ID. (That 
    means on your partner’s computer this  software will show same  
    as your software)

6. Click the button “Connect to Partner” and wait a moment and 
     type password.
7. Now Log on using your partner Password.

8. After a few second a new desktop window will be open which is 
    your partner’s PC Desktop.
9. Now you can work on your partner’s computer as like your 


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