Friday, March 13, 2015

Easy way to protect facebook from being hacked

Hacking the personal information of someone has turned to be a very easy task for the hackers. Almost everyday some site, social profile or page is being hacked. Friends are often heard gossiping that someone’s facebook account has been hacked.

According to survey, at least one in every 3 facebook users falls victim to account hacking. The number is higher in European countries. Considering all these, facebook authority has brought about some changes in the internal setting system to ensure tight security. 

 To stop hacking what are the things you have to do:

1. At first go to the facebook setting option.
2. Click “Security Settings”.
3. You will see “Login Alerts” and click on it.
4. Now select the three options - Get notifications, Email and Text message and enter your email id and mobile number on the selected fields.
5. Finally save the changes.

By selecting this three options you will get a notification when anybody tries to login to your Facebook ID. Facebook will automatically send email and message to your email and mobile number.

From this moment hackers conspiracy will be dismissed. Because you will get an alert message.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Remove the Password from PDF files

In our daily life we are familiar on pdf files. Basically online books are pdf file format. Sometimes we need to copy the text from the pdf book but some of them are copy protected then we can not do this.
Many of them don't know that these files are password protected. So what can we do if the files are password protected?

Well, i am giving you a software with serial key named “Wondershare PDF Password Remover” which will help to remove the password from the pdf file. Software size is only 4.72MB. You can download from mediafire in this site.

Wondershare PDF Editor features:
Merge PDF files into a large single PDF document.
Split large PDF files to small ones for email.
Edit text, images, and watermark in PDF files.
Add, crop, extract and delete PDF pages.
Convert PDF to Word/Excel/PPT/RTF/EPUB, etc.

You can buy full version form this site only $34.95.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to use a flash drive as a RAM

Two types of memory are used for windows work. One is physical memory and the other is virtual memory. Physical memory is called hard disk and virtual memory is also known as RAM/Random Access Memory.  In this tutorial we discussed how to use virtual memory using pen drive or flash drive.
Let’s go – For this we need at least 2GB flash drive. If 4GD it will be good.
First connect the flash drive to the computer.

  1. Go to the “properties” option by right clicking on “My Computer”.
  2. Go to the option - Advanced/Performance/Settings/Advanced /Change.

   3. Now select the flash drive from Drive (volume label) option menu.
   4. By selecting the “Custom Size” you can see the Initial size and Maximum size bland box.
    5. Write the memory size in that box that you want to use as a RAM.
    6. For windows need 5MB blank memory so keep 5MB memory for windows.
    7. Apply/OK and restart the computer.

Now your flash drive is work as a RAM.